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My works on show:

Solo show "Changing Space"

Photography, lightboxes, fabrics, installations and works on canvas.
Location: Holbeinpraxis, Holbeinstrasse 65, Basel (Switzerland)



Thomas Nie's photo and video works use human movement and place to elicit the impression of the flux and episodic nature of our perception of vision.

He has developed a photographic, video and installations lexicon that, combined with his subject’s own energy, fuses to create a vivid and rhythmic sequence of images, that in both his still photographs and video projects link the perception of static with the ephemeral.

Many art works and projects are being created in close collaboration with contemporary dancers, performers and circus artists to explore movements, work with space and sculptural perspectives and positions. In his "changing space" projects Thomas places human bodies in environments interacting with available light and the specific architectural dimensions to induce emotions.

In his exhibitions in galleries and public spaces Thomas Nie combines installations with photography and video works. Thomas has published more than 50 art books and conceives new styles for presenting his work outside the classic frame on the wall.

For his creative works Thomas Nie has received numerous awards at e.g. The New York Film Festival, European Excellence Awards and in many other creative & communication related rankings. He has been ranked in the top 12 of Swiss photographers for his personal works at the EWZ selection.

2019 he lives and works in Zürich / Switzerland.