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My works on show:

Solo show "Changing Space"

Photography, lightboxes, fabrics, installations and works on canvas.
Location: Holbeinpraxis, Holbeinstrasse 65, Basel (Switzerland)


Selected Art Projects 2017 & 2018 & 2019
See under News & Exhibitions section of this website. 


Selected Art Projects 2016

> Preparation of "Water" series film production

> Planning of "Sculpture Nature" shooting


Selected Art Projects 2015


> Introducing color - collaboration with make-up artist

> Continuation of my STORM photography series

> Series of "Exploring Fabric" is growing - exhibition planned for autumn 2015 in Switzerland

> Pro Bono work for Oeff Oeff Aerial Dance Production - opening of new Aarau Stadt Museum

> New photo project: "Men-scapes" - part of the art series "man-made"

> Production of DVD with live performance of FRATRES in Vienna, piano & violin

> Video Art "FRATRES" performed in Vienna Radio Kulturhaus

> New Art Videos: "Bus Stop", "Ping", "To the Basement"

> Shooting Fabric - art project exploring pattern and movement in fabrics

> "In Ewigkeit..." - exploration of church yards on Sardinia, Italy

> Preparation of "Stories" - exhibition with 4 projectors and lightboxes. Video and photography.


Selected Art Projects 2014 

  • New art video online: Elmau Castle Walk (click video art tab)
  • Ostquai photo session to prototype new photo and video concept reflecting "directness"
  • Visualization of live performance of classical music at an event during the Salzburger Festspiele
  • planning for water video series
  • "moon at 7pm" art series completed 
  • Development of art concept for new show in Cologne / Germany
  • "One day in the Life of..." Preparation of new photo art project
  • "See me" - discovery of characters in public spaces
  • New videos "Bedrocking" and "STORM" series completed
  • Preparation art event at Holbeinpraxis Basel
  • Preparation of "NY Slow Motion" exhibition / studio show
  • Final editing and composing of music for STORM video series
  • Pro Bono work for new dance performance by Vanessa Lopez "Keep Biting"
  • "Factory Lights" - videos of STORM series and photos & new art book
  • Participation in the Swiss photo competition "ewz selection"
  • Creation of music / sound tracks for two new art videos
  • Three new videos for "STORM" series created


Selected Art Projects 2013

  • "Video moves" studies for multi screen projection art work
  • Composing sounds for three new video pieces...
  • Final preparations of photo session for "Night and Red" in January in France.
  • Photo project completed in Hudson, New York, interpreting the landscape concepts of Frederic Edwin Church (1826 –1900), an American landscape painter born in Hartford, Connecticut. He was a central figure in the Hudson River School of American landscape painters. While committed to the natural sciences, he was "always concerned with including a spiritual dimension in his works."
  • Studies for "Night and Red" project completed
  • New video works in the making: Nature / Figure part 1 -4
  • "Streams" - observations in New York
  • "Power" - black and white studies on strengths in movements
  • "Factory Lights" - photo project - changing space in a French factory building with very special light situation
  • Documenting development of new contemporary dance piece with three dancers (Switzerland)
  • Invitation to capture spirit of unique design hotel in the Austrian alps; art book; portrait series.
  • "Pas de Deux" - collaboration with model and her dog
  • "Fallen" - black and white series with performers
  • 3D picture viewer prototyping
  • Preparing project about "nature and mankind"
  • Large format photo art calendar 2013: "Solitaires / Structures" for collectors only
  • "Shanghai" - art book summarizing the Shanghai experience
  • Continuation of the collectors & friends postcard series capturing moments and observations on the road
  • Planning of the "French Factory Shooting" project
  • New video art work published: "Floating Turn" - endless loop with sound


Selected Art Projects 2012 

  • This is Amman - pictures of a city in Jordan
  • Prototyping of photo presentation on fabric for exhibiton
  • "Exploring Berlin" - capturing moves on streets in Berlin
  • "black black" Vulcano & desert stills - for once real nature
  • "run run run" - professional runners studies
  • Creation of my new website

Selected Art Projects 2011

  • "Spontaneous discoveries" - postcard series of moments of mindfulness shared with collectors, curators and other art lovers
  • "Power Grip" - exploration of strength in movement. Works for exhibition and art book
  • "In Transit" - collaboration with circus artist and performer. Works for exhibition, art books and video loop
  • "Paris Photo - Grand Palais" - capturing the stairs. Works for exhibition
  • "Venice Art Biennale" - as view on details, neglecting the importance of things. Postcard series

Selected Art Projects 2010 

  • Art project for exhibition at ART BASEL: "changing space"
  • Submission of video works for international dance film competition
  • Art Book "changing space" - collaboration with Brazilian dancer and performer in a castle in the Bavarian Alps
  • Video "WALK AWAY" - video work based on animated photographs
  • Portfolio book - selected works from 2006 to 2009

Selected Art Projects 2009

  • Art book "positions in kind of unknown spaces" - collaboration with Berlin performer and dancer. Art Book private edition - not for sale - September 2009
  • Art book "FREMDKÖRPER" - collaboration with Finnish creative in Basel - August 2009
  • Art book "...a view on Park Villa" - a great location in Heilbronn Germany, August 2009
  • Photo project: artistic view on a French Bakery, its loyal guests and great goods in New York, Manhattan. Art Book - private edition - not for sale - July 2009
  • Video project: "positions in kind of unknown spaces - a view on movement and sounds in special settings" - working with artists and other performers, throughout 2009
  • "spaces - deserted - leftovers" - 6cmx4,5cm format photography on real film, book to be published in September 2009
  • "open here - no more" - video and photo project to understand limits and maximum permissible errors
  • "left view - middle truth - right view" - photo book and video project in cooperation with lyric poet & writer Christa Wüthrich; publisher wanted :-)
  • "one thing - one day" - documenting specific objects, situations and locations for one day; cooperation with a great still photographer; results will be published in a book in autumn 2009 

Selected Art Projects 2008

  • Photo & video project for PORSCHE - July through December 2008
  • "positions in kind of unknown spaces" - photo project exploring spaces and movements. Started in April and ongoing...
  • Prototyping - development for new type of photo art installations - August / September / October / November 2008
  • "This side up" - art project with dancers & performers, photographed in Basel, Berlin, New York, Strasbourg, Munich and Geneva. Art book will be published in March 2009
  • Book "Studies I" - test for new photo & video art project on differentiating perspectives. June 2008
  • "a view on ASTON MARTIN" -  large format Lambda prints & photo art book. May 2008
  • 3 photo art books: "SEA EAST", "studies/angles/motion", "Changing Hall" March 2008
  • "Light Shifts" - view on an event & exhibition about media art in Berlin. Published in an extra-large photo art book (42cm x 32cm). February 2008 
  • "Fundstücke" - photo art book, 48 pages, 21cm x 21cm. Sitting in my appartment in Berlin, I reviewed a collection of photos which I had selected for an exhibition. Now they are all in this book. February 2008
  • "Endless 0" - view on a performance of artist Shiho Okinaka, Berlin
  • "Lamp Dance 502" - experimental photo art project on lamps and light. Available as Lambda prints and photo art book. January 2008 

Selected Art Projects 2007 

  •  "Bryant Park Ice Skating", New York, book, 36 pages, 21cm x 21cm, collection of selected images from the skater photo series, price on request
  • "New York Night Lights" - a view on energetic SOHO after heavy rain at night. Presented in art book & small color prints
  • "New York MOMA Visits" - a view on the Museum of Modern Art with its visitors & all the other exhibits. Presented in art book & color prints
  • "Bryant Park Ice Skating" - fun project with plenty of ice skaters in Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan. Fuzzy, zoomy & a lot of white photos. Presented in large format color prints & art book "New York Bryant Park Ice Skating"
  • "The 2008 Photo Art Calendar" - format A3, based on NY Night Lights project. 12 pages plus title
  • "artist in residence" - Strasbourg / France. Project in collaboration with Canadian dancer and perfomer Stephanie Cumming. Presented in large format C-prints, video animation "artist in residence" and photo art books
  • „Dancer in the streets“ - New York / USA. Presented in large format color prints, video loop & 4 new books
  • „art house“ - Strasbourg / France, project study for artist in residence shooting. Presented in art book and on postcards
  • „montreux music moves – mmm“ - Montreux / Switzerland. Presented in color prints in wooden frames (50cm & 42cm).
  • „interior dance“ - Strasbourg / France, experimental photography & dance improvisation
  • „design seen out of focus“ - Offenbach / Germany, view on 175th anniversary exhibition at Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG)
  • „Museum´s Wardrobe“ - Stockholm / Sweden, experimental photography in Modern Art Museum´s wardrobe. Presented in large format color prints (AluDibond/Plexiglas)
  • „Sunday Flea Market“ - Basel / Switzerland, focus on the idea of various patterns
  • „Street Views“ - Milan / Italy, taking a closer look at Milanese street life
  • „Night Shipping“ - Boston / USA, skyline views of Boston at night. Experimental project on reflections
  • „pedestrian underpass“ - Frankfurt / Germany, view on new architecture at night, series of photos taken in a brand-new, but ugly underpass

Selected Art Projects 2006 

  •  „I was looking back to see...“ Basel / Switzerland. Portrait project in industrial spaces. Presented in large format color prints, video art loops & 4 art books
  • „areal shots“ - view on NT areal in Basel / Switzerland. Presented in a series of small art books
  • „Beijing“ - Beijing / China. Exploration of a pushy giant. Presented in art book and color prints
  • „Singapore Steps“, „?Views!“ - Singapore. Exploration / experimental documentation. Presented in art books and color prints
  • „movements“ - Kenia / Africa. Artistic view on a movement. Cooperation with NGO nominated for Sacharow Price 2006, pro bono work
  • „Shadowing“ - Basel / Switzerland. Exploration on shadows, experimental photo project. Presented in art book, postcards & color prints
  • „Tokyo Blossoms“ - Tokyo / Japan. View on an organized city´s life. Presented in art book.