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My works on show:

Solo show "Changing Space"

Photography, lightboxes, fabrics, installations and works on canvas.
Location: Holbeinpraxis, Holbeinstrasse 65, Basel (Switzerland)



Watch out for things coming... 


> Solo Exhibition of my video work "Dark Series" combined with its respective photography show and Polaroid Wall in the City of Luxembourg, Centre de Creation Choregraphique Luxembourgeois. November 3rd to November 25th, 2018. 


> "DARK SERIES" works and editing for my new artbook (it will be my 50th book)

> Projections art series works underway - nature / sculpture

> New works for the "Storm" film series recorded at Les Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles at the opening week in July.

> Continuation of the "Water" series shootings

> Completion of "Moon at 7pm" project, started in New York - including new Artbook. Studio show in May 2018

> photo18 exhibition in Zuerich / Switzerland: My latest works on show at Switzerland's biggest professional photography show in January, 12-16, 2018



> ARCHIVE SALVATION FORCE, Action No. 2, "6 views on deconstruction"
Workshop with Ola Lanko in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. Focus: Deconstruction process.

Work "Construction Field" (6 photographs of various subjects) Project investigated a word field of the word “Deconstruction“. Video projection in exhibition space in Biel/Bienne and 6 prints A3 plus words hanging in space to be deconstructed. Concept: By expanding the linguistic body of the work I exposed the layered potential on the notion and proposes to expand ones understanding of it. Collection of photographs explores different perception of the process of deconstruction, from a funny one to a romantic and conceptual.
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 > "New York 10 Years After" photo session for private collection only.

> New studio opened in Zürich.



> Photo project "Floating Piers" of Christo and Jeanne-Claude, at the Lago Iseo in Italy.

> Publication of my photo editorial in the magazin "Der Aufbruch" in its June edition.

> New Art Video published: Dark Series (see under video art tab). Collaboration with acrobat Luzia Bonilla and musician Mich Gerber.

> Dark Series photo sessions in progress throughout 2016.




> Introducing color - collaboration with make-up artist

> Continuation of my STORM photography series

> Series of "Exploring Fabric" is growing - exhibition planned for autumn 2015 in Switzerland

> Pro Bono work for Oeff Oeff Aerial Dance Production - opening of new Aarau Stadt Museum

> New photo project: "Men-scapes" - part of the art series "man-made"

> Production of DVD with live performance of FRATRES in Vienna, piano & violin

> Video Art "FRATRES" performed in Vienna Radio Kulturhaus

> New Art Videos: "Bus Stop", "Ping", "To the Basement"

> Shooting Fabric - art project exploring pattern and movement in fabrics

> "In Ewigkeit..." - exploration of church yards on Sardinia, Italy

> Preparation of "Stories" - exhibition with 4 projectors and lightboxes. Video and photography.



 > New art video online: Elmau Castle Walk (click video art tab)

> Ars Canora - Zuerich based chorus ensemble features my art work in their program

> Group Show in Gallery Kaysser, Germany. "Mensch" (Human Being). September 13 - November 22.

> Arvo Pärt "Fratres" - video art for classical concert by "Friends of Salzburger Festspiele. Live performance at the Salzburger Festspiele on August 16, 2014 in Salzburg.

> New York Times Square
On July 24, 2014 from 8-9pm, SeeMe is taking over the two largest billboards in Times Square, NYC for one of the largest collaborative creative projects ever staged. Some of my works are being presented.

> Art Basel - "STORM"
Video projection at promenade of Rhine river. Location: Unterer Rheinweg at corner of Florastrasse - right at the river bank in windows on 3rd floor of building. From June 16 to June 22 - after sunset. Take a walk at the Rhine river... 

> Group Show "One Life 2013" at SeeMe Exhibition Space in New York, 26-19 Jackson Ave., Long Island City, NY11101. Opening Friday, May 30th, 2014, 6pm through 8pm 

> Group show "Mal mir mal 'n Pony" at Galerie Kaysser in Ruhploding (Germany). Together with these artists: Thomas Baumgärtel, Meike Zopf, Anne Pincus, Marc Dietel, Rene Lynch, Linda Blüml, Andreas Pytlik, Elias Hassos, Käthe Seele, Carolin Hinterseer, Gabriele Hinterseer, Iris Stoff, Petra Schunk, Herwig Bayerl, Lena Bosch, Julia Belot, Manfred Feith-Umbehr, Gabriele Steffen, Joshua Wasem, Anja Barth, Birgit Moosmüller, Burkhard Kern, Eva E. Wallner, Angela Reinthaler, Lucca M.
Opening April 12, 5pm. Exhibition: April 12 - May 31, 2014. (

> Solo show "Changing Space" at Holbeinpraxis, Holbeinstrasse, Basel (Switzerland). Photography on fabric, light boxes, large canvas, frames, glass and installations. Show is up and running. Special event on April 4, 2014. Show up till end of 2014.

> Swiss Photo Award: Ranked on position 31 in the area of professional architecture photography. The Swiss Photo Award is one of the oldest and most established photo awards in Switzerland. A jury selects the best works in the categories Architecture, Editorial, Fashion, Fine Art, Free, Reportage and advertising.

> Pro bono photo project for choreographer Vanessa Lopez and her new dance piece "Keep Biting", performed in Basel in February 2014.

> Works from my "Night and Red" series are being presented at "photo14" which is the largest show, exhibition and lectures for photography in Switzerland. Zürich, January 10 - 14, 2014

> My art video "Floating - homage to the swimming in the Rhine river" has been curated by La Kunsthalle in Mulhouse / France for the Regionale 14. Regionale is a contemporary art show in 16 museums in Germany, France & Switzerland. Opening: Thursday, November 28th, at 8.30pm in La Filature, in Mulhouse, France. Till January 12, 2014.



> My art video "Floating - homage to the swimming in the Rhine river" has been curated by La Kunsthalle in Mulhouse for the Regionale 14 (contemporary art show in 16 museums in Germany, France & Switzerland). Opening: Thursday, November 28th, at 8.30pm in La Filature, in Mulhouse, France. Till January 12.

> My sounds in a busThe soundtrack from my video "Dear Future" is played in the tour bus of Regionale 14.

> Solo show "Past and Present"  Photography, video, installations from the last ten years at Horburg Learning Center, Müllheimerstrasse 195, Basel (Switzerland). Monday to Friday during office hours. July 16 - December 19, 2013

> Solo show "Changing Space" at Holbeinpraxis, Holbeinstrasse, Basel (Switzerland). Photography on fabric, light boxes, large canvas and installations. Event on site in March 2014

> Video projection at the Rhine river promenade. After sunset, all night. "Hudson/Rhine"

> NEW YORK studies: 3 month in the city that never sleeps. Exhibition in studio is in the making for spring 2014

> Ranked in the TOP 50 of the Swiss Photo Awards in category "Free". The Swiss Photo Award is one of Switzerland’s most prestigious awards for photography.

> New photo art books published: "Pas de Deux" (June 2013) and "a view on design hotel in the Austrian alps" (August 2013)

> Visiting student for a session in the Reflexions Master Class

> Documenting the spirit of a design hotel in the Austrian alps

> Focussing a bit more on video, voices and sounds, combined with photography. New videos: "Dear Future..." and "Ne me quitte pas" (not online, pls. contact me)

> Some of my works were published in an exclusive booklet for the Campus of the Novartis AG Switzerland

> Postcard series for collectors and friends continued. These cards are really fun to do to capture spontaneous moments



> Solo exhibition "Changing Space" at Holbeinpraxis, Basel / Switzerland

> Solo exhibition during ART BASEL: "Changing Space" -  First presentation of large format prints on fabric, 3D photo objects, video installation and series of new site specific installations. May 29 - July 28, 2012 / Parterre, Klybeckstrasse 1b / Basel / Switzerland

> New books published capturing movement and locations around the world

> Photo sessions with circus artist exploring all three dimensions in a picture: Photo art book

> Preparing increased focus on video art

> Documentation project about Shanghai



> Solo show "REFLECTIONS": Photography and first presentation of 3D prototype objects and "Arsenale Bridge Reflections" video installation taken at Art Biennale in Venice. December 2011 and January 2012, Parterre / Basel / Switzerland

> Artist of the Week: "moving stills" at ARTcoming. Thomas Nie has been selected as artist of the week on the new online art platform  ARTcoming curator and editor in chief of Photo International Hans-Eberhard Hess: " / performances which widen the definition of space and time into eternity and provide an unlimited field of interpretations." November 2011

> Studio show by invitation only: latest works from performance projects, art books and video art. November 2011, Basel / Switzerland



> Swiss Photo Award Professional Photography 2010:
 Top 59 in category ´Fine Arts´ for photo art series "Loss of Details" The ewz.selection award singles out the best works of professional photography produced in a given calendar year. Thomas Nie ranks among the top 60 with his photo art series "Loss of Details" which was on show in a solo exhibition in Basel Switzerland in 2010

> Studio show by invitation only: latest videos, large format images and installations. November 2010, Basel / Switzerland



> Swiss Photo Award Professional Photography 2009: Top 90 in category ´Fine Arts´ for new photo art series "Fake Polaroid Moments". The ewz.selection award singles out the best works of professional photography produced in a given calendar year (2009). Thomas Nie ranks among the top 90 with his photo art series "Fake Polaroid Moments" which was on show in the solo exhibition "moving stills" in autumn in Basel Switzerland

> Solo exhibition: On show are works from the "moving stills" series, video art, the "Fake Polaroid" installation and new works from the "Blue Lagoon Series". Premiere of the new photo series presented in lightboxes, created in collaboration with writer and lyric poet christa wuethrich. November 2009 to February 2010, Parterre, Basel / Switzerland. Supporting gallery Schuster:

> Exhibition "Moving Stills Moving" New York Art Gallery WHITE BOX: Presentation of new video works. April 2009, New York / USA. PICK OF THE MONTH and "Excellent" rating by (USA). 
Also listed in:  and and others...

> Solo exhibition in cooperation with PORSCHE "moving stills - artistic view on PORSCHE": presentation of works created exclusively for PORSCHE, including video, premiere of photo light stick installations, large format C-prints, images on canvas & PVC and premiere of photo-glass object collection. Catalogue available. May to October 2009.

> Jury selected artworks for DesignKlicks / DesignKlicks was launched as a public web access, aiming at offering glimpses on a new aesthetics (by Trendbüro Hamburg, Professor Wippermann & the weekly news magazine "Der Spiegel"). This may sound pretentious, but it’s meant to be an incentive for creative professionals to publish images for free that stand out from those found on other websites. 
DesignKlicks are searching for a new Bildsprache, a visual imagery that they hope to see emerge from DesignKlicks – depending on all participants’ interest and input. 
The participant allocates each picture to a specific position in semiometric space, the so-called Wertekosmos, describing each motive’s predominant mood. Each motive is being arranged within the navigable Wertekosmos according to its contents, referring to the opposing poles desire and control, harmony and conflict. It’ll be indicated in terms of percentage whether the currently shown pictures transport predominantly romantic, technical or peculiar themes – a sort of barometer of public opinion for our visual imagery, the Bildsprache. Within the Wertekosmos, motives are being spatially positioned according to date, experts’ or public rating.



> Swiss Photo Award Professional Photography 2008: Top 61 in category ´Fine Arts´ for works from the exhibition ´moving stills´in collaboration with PORSCHE. The ewz.selection award singles out the best works of professional photography produced in a given calendar year (2008)

> Studio Exhibition - see my new art projects in the Swiss studio. September to October 2008, Basel / Switzerland

> Selected new works: Gallery Bohn, June to August 2008, Loerrach / Germany

> Solo Exhibition "moving stills": presentation of 70 new artworks, 3 new videos, 4 new art books. Premiere showing of photo and video project with Canadian dancer and performer Stephanie Cumming "artist in residence". Gallery of Carl F. Baasel, October 2007 - February 2008, Starnberg, Munich / Germany 



> Swiss Photo Award Professional Photography 2007: top 12 for photo art series "Gang im Museum" created in Berlin. 
Top 39 for photo art series "White Ice Skating Blue" created in New York. Both ratings in category ´Free Works´. Top 100 ratings for two concepts in the ´Fine Arts`category for the photo art series "Stellung/Ausstellung" and "Moving Stills". All works were on show at the solo exhibition in Starnberg (Germany), October 2007- February 2008.

> The ewz.selection award singles out the best works of professional photography produced in a given calendar year (2007).  The international jury judges works in the four categories of "Commercial Photography", "Journalistic Photography", "Fine Arts" and "Free". 

• Veronique Damagnez, Photo Editor at Mixte magazine, Paris
• Nicolas Faure, Photographer and Professor at the Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne
• Margot Klingsporn, Agentur Focus, Hamburg
• Herlinde Koelbl, Photographer, Munich
• Donald Schneider, Creative Director, Donald Schneider Studio, Paris

> European Parliament: Welcome address and opening by Marcos Kyprianou, Commissioner for Health; Initiated by Mr. Alexander Alvaro, MEP. The NGO Fulda Mosocho project invited us to document their work. Their initiative was nominated for the Sakharov Prize 2006 - the Prize of Freedom of Thought - which is an annual recognition of people or organizations who have dedicated their lives for the defense of human rights and freedom. November 2007, Brussels / Belgium

> Show at Gallery Bohn: Large format color prints, 7 new art books, 12 new video loops. 2007, Loerrach / Germany

> Various studio shows in Basel / Switzerland



> Bronze World Award New York Festival, USA: Film & Video:video "Hoist the Sails" 2003/4.